Abandoned St. Louis Old Cass Avenue Bank

The St. Louis Old Cass Avenue Bank was built in 1927. The bank moved out of the building sometime in the 1980s and the building became a Greyhound Bus Station. It was registered on...

Abandoned Annie Malone Children’s Home St. Louis, Missouri

The Annie Malone Children and Family Service Center in St. Louis, Missouri shut down in 2009 and has become abandoned since then.

The Greene County Almshouse

The Greene County Almshouse is a historic poorhouse located in Greene County, Illinois and was built in 1870 and operated as a poorhouse until 1932. It has a total number of 30 rooms, this...

Abandoned Paideia Academy – St. Louis, Missouri

Paideia Academy was a charter school in the College Hill neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. The state shut down Paideia Academy in 2011 and since then became abandoned. Nearly half a million in funds...

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Greene County Almshouse

Protected: 1950-1954

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