Abandoned Paideia Academy – St. Louis, Missouri


Abandoned Paideia Academy – St. Louis, Missouri

Paideia Academy was a charter school in the College Hill neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. The state shut down Paideia Academy in 2011 and since then became abandoned. Nearly half a million in funds from federal and state money was reported missing after shutting down. Left behind are desks, computers, books, and even family pictures.

The main hallway of the abandoned Paideia Academy school in St. Louis.
The front entrance with a banner hanging that says “The BEST students in the WORLD are LEARNING here!”.
Lockers and cabinets are still filled with books and learning materials.
Computers are left behind, still plugged in, begin to be taken back by nature. I have selected this photo to be on my featured page. It also made it to the front page on Reddit.
A classroom with desks still inside while the ceiling begins to fall through.
An American Flag, beat up as the rest of the school, hangs from a window.
A classroom with the books littering the floor.
An office with trophies and awards scattered upon the desk.
Pictures of an employees family still hang in their office.
Office contains an “Asbestos Management Plan” on the bookshelf.
The Obama Family portrait from a newspaper clipping hangs on a whiteboard with the campaign slogan “Yes We Can!” quoted in marked below.
A Floor Mat that reads TOP: “The Paideia Academy” BOTTOM: “A Preparatory School – Public School with a Private Touch”
Boxes full of school books.
A school project on hung up in the hallway.
A close up shot of one of the newspapers from the project above.
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