Abandoned Annie Malone Children’s Home St. Louis, Missouri


Abandoned Annie Malone Children’s Home St. Louis, Missouri

The Annie Malone Children and Family Service Center in St. Louis, Missouri shut down in 2009 and has become abandoned since then.

A basketball court in the back.
An overgrown playground sits in the back.
One of the hallways of the Abandoned Annie Malone Children’s Home.
A piano is left behind along with evidence of someone living in this room since abandonment.
Not much graffiti is present but
A room with a couch and an old CRT monitor at a desk.
A vintage console television sits in a decaying room.
One of the bedrooms, the closet is still lined with clothes.
The book “We Beat The Street” is left behind in a dresser drawer.
One of the bedrooms had art and assignments hung up on the wall.
A closer look at one of the art papers that was hung upon the bedroom wall.
The consoling room had pictures that helped answer the question “Sometimes I Feel…”.
A baby crib is left behind.


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